Gender & Diversity

Gender and diversity are central aspects of the mission statement of the ifs internationale filmschule köln. We promote equal cooperation in teaching, research and administration in order to ensure equal opportunities and participation for all students, teachers and staff regardless of their socio-cultural, educational, physical or cognitive background.

The ifs is aware of its special responsibility as an educational institution for the artists and cultural workers of tomorrow. The future filmmakers have the task of depicting the diversity of our civil society both in front of and behind the camera and thus setting impulses for social renewal.

Through a series of internal and cross-university initiatives, ifs aims to anchor the topics of gender and diversity more firmly in curricular and institutional terms. The gender-specific measures to attract female applicants to the traditionally male film trades and to promote female university members are laid down in the Equality Plan and are regularly reviewed for their effectiveness.

Diversity at ifs – Overview

We welcome cultural diversity and support all students and university members in their individual situations.

We provide all university members with equal opportunities – regardless of gender, origin, position, age, sexual orientation, family commitments, religion, disability or illness.

We see ourselves as a family-friendly university and therefore strive for an optimal compatibility of studies / career and family.

GEECT Conference »Embracing Diversity in European Film Schools«

In 2019, the ifs hosted the second part of the GEECT conference “Embracing Diversity in European Film Schools” in Cologne. In lectures and workshops, the conference focused on the question of how film schools can and should deal with topics such as cultural and social diversity, migration, demographic change and gender justice – both in research and teaching and in the cinematic work of students. After the first part of the conference at the Nederlandse Filmacademie in Amsterdam was about taking stock of European film schools, the focus of the Cologne conference was on how concrete changes can be implemented in curricula and university structures. Keynote speakers at the conference were Mark Terkessidis (author, journalist and migration researcher) and screenwriter and media artist Prof. Sylke Rene Meyer (California State University, LA).
Website of the conference:

Here you can find some impressions of the conference in Cologne:
Opening Event
Conference Day 1
Conference Day 2

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